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PACKAGES - details and info

Seasonal Variation 

First consultation on request followed by four more consultations usually every quarter or at the change of season depending on variation.

Helps to maintain balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems to hopefully prevent any major illness and keep the body working at optimum levels. Treatments help improve organ function, hormonal support, maintain optimum weight, and improve energy and body functioning.



Five consultations during pregnancy and up to delivery. 

Helps with morning sickness, back pain, heartburn, threatened miscarriage, oedema, constipation and anxiety.

Breech - Moxibustion is also medically proven to be the most efficient treatment for resolving breech presentation. Completely painless treatment with you can also do at home with my guidance.

Induction - for difficulty in delivery or lateness in delivery at due date.


Athletic Peak Performance 

Prepare for your sporting event - be it a marathon, iron man, rugby tournament, squash tournament, tennis tournament or MMA fight - with a tailored made set of consultations leading up to the event. 

Your body is like a Formula 1 car and needs to be fine tuned in order to perform at its most efficient levels. Reducing tension and stress while increasing circulation of blood, essential body fluids, hydration and energy is one way treatments can help you maximise your performance. This in turn should reduce your chance of getting injured while working at peak performance and higher levels of endurance.


Post Sporting Event Recovery 

3 consultations after your sporting event which include acupuncture, massage and recovery advice tailored to your specific needs. Helps in your facilitate a speedy recovery by improving bodily systems to maximise circulation, reduce pain and balance hormones.

Pre-Wedding de-stressers - male and female

Tailored made treatments for him and/or her before their special day. Recommended two weeks and then again a week before the big day. Helps de-stress, sleep better, focus, maintain calm as well as balance energy and emotions.

Jet-Lag Recovery

Two treatments to help re-balance and re-energize the tired long-distance traveller trying to recover from a long and arduous trip. Good for all jet-lag sufferers especially those returning to Asia from trips to Europe and America.

Acupuncture is helpful in balancing the circadian rhythms of your natural body clock resolving Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders (CRSD). It helps improve circulation, helps in the transportation of body fluids and improves organ function to restore energy, regulate appetite and sleep.

*All packages include an initial consultation of up to 90 minutes.
*It is possible that you may need more consultations and this

  will be recommended where necessary.

Click here for the consultation Packages and more information.

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