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Patient Testimonies

My life felt in ruins after separating from my husband last year. I had been in a funk ever since. I could never quite pin-point the problems but I just knew I wasn't right. Day's treatments helped me overcome my depression. It had got quite bad. I wasn't able to sleep or eat properly and I always felt low on energy. Now things are looking brighter and I feel strong enough to handle anything.

Sarah, London (Suffering from depression).

After trying to have children for a couple of years and not succeeding, I went to a specialist who told me I had endometriosis and that until this problem was solved it might not be possible to have kids. I decided to try a different approach as I did not feel reassured. Although sceptical, I gave acupuncture a try. It seemed to make sense and it put my mind at rest. I conceived after only eight treatments. Needless to say Emma's birth was the most wonderful moment of our lives. I have now had a second naturally.

Nicky, Barnes (Fertility problems).

One day about four years ago I woke up with a terrible pain in my neck and shoulder. I could barely turn my head. I was in agony. I immediately went for treatment but the pain lasted for weeks. I had headaches too, could not sleep properly and could not drive. It never really fully went away, even after years of physio and massage and I always had a boring pain in my shoulder. It was something I lived with from day-to-day often having to take pills which I hate. With nothing to lose I gave acupuncture a go. After one treatment my pain was totally gone!

Emma, Fulham (Acute neck and shoulder pain).

Since a fall from a horse as a child, I have always had back pains and posture problems. Of all the treatments I have ever tried, acupuncture and shiatsu with Day have proved the most beneficial. My friends can always tell when I have had a treatment because I walk taller and free from pain. My back will never be one hundred percent but the treatments let me lead a normal life.

Harry, Notting Hill (Back pain).

I do a lot of long distance running especially half marathons but it takes a real toll on your body. At one point a few years ago my legs and calves were so tight and painful that I had a hard time getting about and this was affecting my training which I found frustrating. On a friend's recommendation, I decided to try acupuncture and found it remarkably effective. Months of other types of treatment proved unfruitful but after a few sessions with Day I could tell the difference. I have never looked back and my running is back on track.

Steve, Blackfriars (Leg pain).

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